Hypertension – induced models

Diet high in NaCl content (high-salt diet) is used to induce hypertension in mice.Rinne P et al Genetic and pharmacologic mouse models of chronic melanocortin activation show enhanced baroreflex control of heart rate, Regul Pept. 182:19-27, 2013

DOCA-salt induced hypertension combines deoxycorticosterone acetate and high salt intake to induce high blood pressure.

Rinne P et al α-MSH Analogue Attenuates Blood Pressure Elevation in DOCA-Salt Hypertensive Mice. PLoS One 8(8):e72857, 2013.

Eriika Savontaus, MD, PhD eriika.savontaus(at)utu.fi
High-salt induced hypertension in mice

Impaired vascular function

Diets high in fat (diet induced obesity) or salt (diet induced hypertension) impair endothelial function, which is evidenced using vascular function analysis by wire myography.Rinne P et al α-Melanocyte-stimulating hormone regulates vascular NO availability and protects against endothelial dysfunction. Cardiovasc Res. 97:360-368, 2013 Contact
Eriika Savontaus, MD, PhD eriika.savontaus(at)utu.fi
Endothelial dysfunction – the first sign of vascular disease