Our automated blood sampling system (AccuSampler μ) enables stress free blood samplings upon drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics in the preclinical work. Additional study areas are safety pharmacology, toxicology and study of biomarkers. AccuSampler μ is a fully automated system for automated blood sampling in freely moving mice and rats. The system handles sample volumes between 5 and 50 µl, collected via i.a. or i.v. catheter. The small sample volume makes it possible to take multiple samples from a mouse without any adverse effects to the animal. By allowing collection of small blood samples, the system can also be used for applications with a high degree of time resolution – as often as every 5 minutes to follow changes in e.g. blood drug levels.The animal is connected to the AccuSampler through a surgical catheter leading to a stainless steel swivel mounted on a balanced lever arm. The swivel makes it possible for the animal to turn without twisting the catheter. The animals can move freely during the study with access to food and water Ad Libitum. Samples can be taken without disturbing the animal leading to stress-free blood sampling.

Petteri Rinne, PhD

Email: petteri.rinne(at)utu.fi

Tomi Streng, PhD
Adjunct Professor of Animal Physiology 

Email: tomi.streng(at)utu.fi

Automatic blood sampling