Histopathology and electron microscopy

We offer imaging of tissues, cellular and subcellular structures in basic histology and in immunohistochemistry from light microscopy to electron microscopy. Microscopic methods provide a basis for the analysis of disease models and comprise:

  1. Histopathological evaluation and diagnosis
  2. Visualization of cellular and subcellular structures
  3. Detection and localization of molecules with respective antibodies
  4. Correlation of structures with biochemical functions

In addition, we offer consultation help with documentation and histopathological diagnosis of various organ systems.

Facilities and services include:

  • Automatic and manual tissue processing to stained sections
  • Cutting of paraffin, frozen and ultrathin sections
  • Immunohistochemical reactions by light and electron microscopy
  • Recording and documentation of images by:
    • Virtual, light and fluorescence microscopes
    • Transmission electron microscopes (TEM)
    • Scanning electron microscopes (SEM)

Contact persons 
Erica Nyman

Email: erica.nyman(at)utu.fi

Electron microscopy:
Markus Peurla, PhD

Email: markus.peurla(at)utu.fi

Tissue and Cell Imaging
Imaging of tissues, cells and subcellular structures