Our goal is to provide expertise to meet your needs in immunohistochemistry.Both paraffin and frozen sections can be used, as well as several kind of antibodies. Tissue handling all the way from formalin fixation and paraffin embedding (not for frozen sections) through cutting with a microtome or cryostat (Leica CM1900) to antibody optimization and immunohistochemical staining (automatic Labvision Autostainer) with either peroxidase plus chromogene (stable)- or fluorescence (light sensitive)-based detection system will be done by TCDM. Also double stainings to detect localization of two different antigenes at the same time on the same section are possible. Several controls are routinely included to the service to get all the data needed for the publications.

Minnamaija Lintunen, PhD

Email: minnamaija.lintunen(at)tyks.fi

Optimization and immunohistochemical staining