Focus on breast and prostate cancer


Institute of Biomedicine & Functional Foods Forum
FI-20014 University of Turku, Finland

Research group:

Gabriela Chacon, MSc; Matias Knuuttila, MSc; Lauri Polari, M.Sc.; Niina Saarinen-Aaltonen, PhD

Main research objectives:

The main goal is to clarify the role of dietary factors in the development of hormone-dependent cancers. The focus is on altered sex steroid action, associated with obesity-related metabolic dysregulation, and its impact on the development of breast and prostate cancer. More specifically, we explore the mechanisms by which plant-derived polyphenols (such as lignans, stilbenoids and isoflavonoids) modulate estrogen action in normal and cancerous tissues.


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Principal Investigators
Sari Mäkelä, MD, PhD
Professor of Biomedicine

Niina Saarinen, PhD
Senior Scientist

Institute of Biomedicine & Functional Foods Forum

Sari Mäkelä