TCDM activities are coordinated by 15 senior scientists. Thus, the strength of TCDM is the size of the Center with variety of expertise. TCDM holds know-how on mouse model generation, in vivo imaging in live mice and biomarker analyses, and expertise on phenotyping of the mouse models with a special reference on bone, cardiovascular, intestinal and thyroid diseases, obesity, oncology, reproduction, and on both pharmacological and dietary interventions on mouse models to challenge the phenotype.The phenotyping facilities are well supported by a well-structured tissue and cell imaging unit, with broad expertise on histology, immunohistochemistry and electron microscopy.

TCDM is well connected to the Graduate Schools at the Campus, and has a close collaboration with the Master of Health Science program, and also with the newly established International Master Program on Bioimaging.

Tero Aittokallio, Prof.
Tuula Hämäläinen, PhD
Jukka Kero, Adjunct prof.
Sari Mäkelä, Prof.
Jorma Määttä, Adjunct prof.
Malin Åkerfelt, PhD
Petteri Rinne, PhD
Anne Roivainen, Prof.
Niina Saarinen, Adjunct prof.
Eriika Savontaus, Adjunct prof.
Petra Sipilä, Adjunct prof.
Tomi Streng, Adjunct prof.
Leena Strauss, Adjunct prof.
Manuel Tena-Sempere, Prof.
Diana Toivola, Associate Prof.
Facilities and Services
GM mice
Xenografts in mice
Phenotyping facilities