Culturing and manipulating of mouse embryonic stem cells (mES cells) in pluripotent stage require fastidious techniques and specialized reagents. TCDM, thus, provides service and collaboration in culturing high quality ES celsl and their targeting. The mES cell lines typically used for targeting in TCDM are G4 129S6/C57Bl/6 hybrid cells and JM8.N4 C57Bl/6 cells. However, other cell lines are also available.

Service available

  • Culture of mES cells
  • Targeting of knock-out and knock-in constructs into mES cells including picking and screening of 400-600 clones
  • Preparation of single cell suspension for blastocyst injection
  • Mycoplasma testing

Petra Sipilä, PhD
Adjunct Professor of Reproductive and Developmental Biology

Email: petra.sipila(at)

ES Cell Targeting
Knock-out, knock-in, point mutations, humanization of mouse