Know-how and research services in tumor modeling in vivo

In vivo studies in rodents are regularly an essential part of any study aiming for understanding the mechanism of tumor growth.  TCDM offers expertise to generate and study xenograft models, genetically modified mouse tumor models, as well as chemically induced cancer models, such as DMBA-induced mammary cancer in mice and rats. The tumorigenesis in all these models is supported by various techniques for following the tumor growth, and by histological analyses and advanced statistical analyses.

Of these models, the VCaP prostate cancer xenografts have shown to mimic well several features of clinical cancer, and is routinely applied by us with high repeatability. These tumors are androgen-sensitive, tumorigenic, express AR and show intra tumor steroid synthesis, as well as several other markers associated with CRPC growth (Knuuttila et al., Am J. Pathol., 2014). Furthermore, the VCaP xenografts have been also successfully used as a preclinical model in the development of novel AR antagonists for CRPC, and steroid synthesis inhibitors, now progressed to clinical trials, further indicating the translational properties of the model.






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