FinGMice Road Show; Boost your research – national mouse clinic network. March 27, 2020. Registration now open!

Boost your research – national mouse clinic network

Venue: University of Turku, Medisiina D, lecture hall Lauren 1
9:45                   Coffee
10:00                 Welcome
                           Matti Poutanen, TCDM, University of Turku
10:10                 FinGMice; tools for successful science
                           Reetta Hinttala, University of Oulu
10:30                 How to get most out of your mouse model?                                        Petra Sipilä, TCDM, University of Turku
11:00                 FinnDisMice-project: CRISPRing Finnish Disease Heritage, Satu Kuure, University of Helsinki
11:15                 Cancer research models from in vitro engineering to in vivo. Johanna Ivaska, Turku Bioscience, University of Turku
12:00                 Lunch (at own cost)
13:00                 In vivo delivery of nucleic acids in various tissues of different animal models. Matti Raitio, Biotop
13:20                 Why to establish & how to run a core facility? Example of mouse behavioural phenotyping. Vootele Voikar, Mouse Behavioural Phenotyping Facility, University of Helsinki
13:40                 FCLAP – Why 21st century mouse science needs 19th century pathology? Jere Linden, Finnish Centre for Laboratory Animal Pathology (FCLAP), University of Helsinki
14:00                 State-of-the-art imaging: new opportunities for your research. Pasi Kankaanpää, Turku BioImaging, University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University
14.30                 Closing

Registration by March 25th via this link