Institute of Biomedicine (Department of Pharmacology, Drug Development and Therapeutics), University of Turku

Research Group

Petteri Rinne, PhD; Laura Vähätalo, PhD;  Liisa Ailanen, MSc

The goal of the project

Obesity with related metabolic and cardiovascular diseases is an increasing problem, but current pharmacotherapies for obesity are clearly insufficient. Neuropeptides NPY (neuropeptide Y) and POMC (melanocortins) play key roles in regulation of body weight.  There is plenty of evidence both in experimental animals and in humans that overactive NPY system and inactive melanocortin system will lead to obesity. Therefore, these neuropeptides are attractive targets for anti-obesity drug development. Our aim is to understand tissue-specific mechanisms of NPY and melanocortin action in order to facilitate drug development for metabolic diseases and cardiovascular diseases. We use transgenic mouse models and viral gene delivery combined with pharmacological and dietary interventions. The effects of interventions on body weight and composition, feeding and activity behavior, white and brown adipose tissue morphology and function, glucose and lipid metabolism and obesity biomarkers are studied. The cardiovascular parameters are measured with telemetric method (blood pressure and heart rate), echocardiography and micromyography.


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Principal Investigator
Eriika Savontaus, MD, PhD
Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology
Clinical lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology


Eriika Savontaus
Neuroendocrine mechanisms in  pathogenesis and therapeutics of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases