The thyroid biology unit of TCDM offers techniques and expertise for analyzing various aspects of the thyroid physiology. Our main focus is to study the role of novel signalling pathways and gene mutations in the thyroid function using thyroid specific knockout mice models. In addition, we are aimed at identifying novel gene mutations from families with hereditary thyroid diseases, and testing the putative mutations in vivo and in vitro models.

Facilities and services

Phenotypic analysis of the thyroid models

  • hormone measurements
  • morphological analysis of the thyroid (immunohistochemistry,
  • electron microscopy, MRI, PET)
  • isolation of the primary thyrocytes (analysis of the thyroid
  • signalling)
  • functional analysis of the thyroid (thyroid growth tests, thyroid hormone release tests, pinocytosis, iodine uptake measurements, proliferation, thyroid signalling)

Phenotypic and genetic analysis of thyroid patients

  • genetic analysis of hereditary forms of thyroid diseases
  • phenotypic characterization of the patients (sequencing of the selected thyroid specific genes, screening of the known thyroid gene mutations, TSH bioactivity measurements, mRNA expression analysis)