• TCDM holds a comprehensive set of digital slide scanners from the 3DHISTECH PANNORAMIC family, from few slides to high-speed 1000-slide capacity, from high-quality brightfield to versatile brightfield and fluorescence. The scanned images can be transferred to our collaborators via our data-management system and can be converted to various data formats based on the need.
  • We have developed two convolutional neural network (CNN) -based algorithms in the Aiforia (Aiforia.com) platform:
    • A model to automatically analyse mouse micro and macrovesicular liver steatosis
    • A model to automatically determine the estrous cycle stage in mouse
  • Currently TCDM is developing various computerized tools with open-source applications for histological image quantitation using platforms such as QuPath and OMERO etc.
  • For tissue processing and histological staining TCDM applies the services provided by the Histology core facility at the Institute of Biomedicine, University of Turku. The facility provides various tissue processing, preparation of paraffin and frozen blocks and sections, and histochemical and immunohistochemical staining.