Analysis of intestinal phenotypes of mouse intestine and related physiological parameters

In vivo analysis

  • Colitis disease activity index from mouse weight, stool hydration and consistency
  • In vivo imaging of inflammation (ROS/NOS) in live mice for longitudinal analysis
  • Blood sampling

Post-mortem analysis

  • Assessment of tumor number and size
  • Assessment of inflammation by myeloperoxidase (MPO) staining of cryosections
  • Morphological analysis of intestinal tissues
  • Analysis of intestinal cell types, proliferation and migration
  • Histological scoring of colitis
  • Crypt length
  • Number and location of epithelial cell types
  • Enterocyte proliferation and migration

Intestinal cell isolation and culture

  • Isolation of colonic and small intestinal epithelial crypts and villi
  • Crude isolation of intestinal epithelial by scrapings of mucosa
  • 3D organoid (mini-gut) culture

Intestine-specific inducible Cre-lines for floxed gene analysis

  • Villin-Cre-ERT2 Tamoxifen-induced mice
  • Villin-Cre1000 mice
  • CDX2-CreERT2 Tamoxifen- induced mice