Hsd17b2 knock-out mouse model

Hsd17b2 knock-out mouse model. HSD17B2 is known to catalyze the inactivation of 17ß-hydroxysteroids to less active 17-keto forms, and catalyze the conversion of 20α-hydroxyprogesterone to progesterone in vitro. Homozygous mice carrying the disrupted Hsd17b2 gene present embryonic lethality associated with structural abnormalities in placenta.

Brca2 flox mouse line

Mouse line, where Brca2 exon 11 is floxed. Combined with tissue-specific Cre mouse line creates conditional deletion of Brca2. Brca2 is a tumor suppressor gene whose mutations predispose to different type of cancers. Original article: Jonkers et al., Nature Genetics  29:418 – 425, 2001