In addition to culturing mouse embryonic stem (mES) cells, TCDM offers expertise in establishing new mouse embryonal fibroblast (mEF) cultures from your GM mouse lines.

Furthermore, TCDM provides services for culturing cancer cell lines and primary cells. We utilize routinely several cancer cell lines in xenograft experiments. Fluorescent cell lines are produced by lenti-viral infections by collaboration, and several cell lines expressing fluorescent proteins for in vivo imaging has been produced. For further information, please contact TCDM.

Patient derived cells

To generate patient-derived cell lines we employ a method effectively propagating epithelial cells from patient or murine tissue samples in Rho kinase inhibitor-containing conditioned medium collected from irradiated feeder cells. Alternatively, these conditionally reprogrammed cells (CRCs) can be grown as co-culture with the feeder cells (Liu et al., Am J Pathol. 180:599-607, 2012; Palechor-Ceron et al., Am J Pathol. 183(6):1862-1870, 2013). This novel technique allows efficient expansion of epithelial cells for e.g. in vitro experiments, xenografting and genetic manipulation and genetic analyses. This method has been set up in our laboratory in collaboration with Dr. Chris Albanese (Departments of Pathology and Oncology, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Georgetown University Medical School, Washington DC, USA). We have successfully generated cell lines from various tissues, including human endometrium and different endometriosis and bladder cancer lesions and we are interested in further expanding the method use for other tissue types.